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The Ensemble of Ghost Bike.

Professional Training Institute (PTI)

Milwaukee Rep’s Professional Training Institute (PTI) is a portal to professional theater for students interested in performance in grades 9-12. Through exposure to professional artists on, behind, and beyond Milwaukee Rep’s stages, this ensemble of performers will prepare for a career in theater. Students will gather nine times over the course of an academic year to develop their talent and knowledge in the field of performance including workshops on acting techniques, text analysis and the business of theater. Their work will culminate in a professional paid rehearsal process on a capstone production.

This unrivaled theater training program challenges and inspires Milwaukee’s most dedicated theater students to grow beyond their current understanding of theater so that they can show the world their unique and necessary voices.

Past Performances include:
The Compass – 2021/22 Ensemble
Ghost Bike – 2020/21 Ensemble
Everybody – 2018/19 Ensemble
Lost Girl – 2017/18 Ensemble
So Thrive My Soul – 2016/17 Ensemble