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Milwaukee Rep Education programs are designed to take students beyond the experience of watching a live performance. Milwaukee Rep’s physically active, multisensory teaching approach gives students more avenues for deeply engaging with the text as they immerse themselves in the magic of theater. 

Milwaukee Rep’s educational programs are involved in multiple learning opportunities for these students. Working with local schools, community organizations, and art centers help us realize our mission to create positive change in Milwaukee while creating a platform for youth voices. Our programming is implemented throughout the city and its surrounding areas because each and every student-- no matter what their background or experience is-- should have equitable access to arts education. We strive to create a sense of belonging and make Milwaukee Rep a place where students are heard and understood. Milwaukee Rep helps set the stage to create lasting memories and develop applicable life skills for students of all ages. 

Rep Education has three main goals:
1) To increase literacy skills, 2) To increase social emotional learning, and 3) To increase theater participation.