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School Subscription

Consisting of attendance to four productions and Pre- and Post-Show workshops for each, this series is built for high school classrooms interested in returning to Milwaukee Rep throughout the season. Lessons are scaffolded to practice critical thinking skills through writing a critique of the play to thinking like an actor, designer, or other theatrical artist.

Due to COVID-19, our School Subscription is cancelled for the 2020/21 Season. Please contact School Programs Coordinator Joshua Pohja at jpohja@milwaukeerep.com if you are interested in bringing this program to your classroom in 2021/22.

This unique subscription program geared toward high school students includes classroom workshops that provide in-depth theatrical learning experiences for students. It introduces students to the theater through multiple points of contact, giving a breadth of knowledge on how literature is brought to life on our stages and fosters a deeper appreciation for the art. Through engaging in four stories that represent different aspects of the human condition, students learn about cultural diversity and learn to empathize with people that might be different than themselves.

We do this through inviting each student to:

+ Attend four different productions at Milwaukee Rep
+ Participate in workshops and discussions led by actors and Education staff in their classroom before and after each performance;
+ Participate in one Rep Immersion Day, a full-day experience featuring demonstrations by our production staff of how they bring each production to life;
+ Explore the different careers in the arts during a Backstage Tour of Milwaukee Rep; and

+ Respond to their experience through writing informal reviews of two of the productions

The program cost is estimated at $750, but will vary depending on group size. Tickets to the four Milwaukee Rep productions are not included in the price of the residency. Ticket prices range from $5-$15. All 1:30 pm Wednesday matinees are $22. The number of students and chosen performances will influence the total cost of the program.

Rep Education Program Standards

Rep Education programs are designed to engage students in meaningful experiences that explore interdisciplinary topics and concepts connected to the art seen on Rep stages. All programs work to develop students’ skills in three primary areas:

+ Reading Comprehension (e.g. text evidence, reading enjoyment)
+ Social-Emotional Learning (e.g. relationship skills, social awareness)
+ Theater Participation (e.g. understanding of and involvement in theater)

Because these three areas are based largely in English Language Arts and theater, Rep Education program objectives and measures are aligned to both Common Core, National Arts standards, and Wisconsin Model Academic standards. This allows us to best offer students holistic experiences at Milwaukee Rep and in the classroom that support and enhance existing grade-level curriculum.

While specific standard-aligned objectives vary from program to program, Rep Education is happy to work with you to determine how our programming can best support your curriculum. Whether your students are attending a Student Matinee or participating in a residency experience, our arts-integration can be applied across grade levels and subjects, including (but not limited to):

+ Social Studies (history, geography, political science and civics, behavioral sciences)
+ Math
+ Early Learning
+ Music
+ Art and Design

School Subscription Partners

Our school partners for the 2019/20 School Subscription Program are:
Carmen High School - South Campus
Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy
Escuela Verde
NOVA High School
Ronald Reagan High School
Tenor High School
Veritas High School