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One of the first regional theaters in the country, and one of the largest, Milwaukee Rep has been a strong artistic force for over six decades. We create world-class theater experiences for our audiences, and use education and civil engagement to bring diverse people together for healthy and respectful dialogue around important issues facing us today. Milwaukee Rep is a catalyst for positive change in our community.

Milwaukee Rep is one of the top arts employers in the region with more than 575 artists and staff supporting 700 performances a year. What we do is only possible thanks to some of our region’s most motivated residents. With a board of 40 local leaders and a volunteer guild of over 800, the heart of our operation is powered by the care and support of passionate Wisconsinites.

Our work is “Made in Milwaukee” which means the money stays in Milwaukee helping to build the local creative community, generating over $20M in local economic activity.

Just like Milwaukee, we’re not what people usually expect. We’re more diverse. More impactful. More modern. From the stage to the streets, the things we do, we do to bring out the best in our region. Our work is representative of Milwaukee’s rich diversity as we aim to be a theater that is welcoming and inspirational to all.