Milwaukee Repertory Theater Staff

To contact Milwaukee Rep staff members call the Administrative Offices at 414-224-1761 (M-F 9am to 5pm) and ask for your specific party. You may also e-mail staff members from this site by clicking on their name. 


Mark Clements
Mark Clements, Artistic Director
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Chad Bauman, Managing Director
Chad Bauman, Managing Director
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General Manager: Melissa Vartanian-Mikaelian
Assistant General Manager/Company Manager: Cat Tries
HR Generalist: Emily Hill
Administrative Assistant: Latoya Johnson
Company Management Resident: Shaylyn Rice
Receptionists: Andrea Roades-Bruss, Michael Evans Zachary Dean Lachowicz, Katie Loughmiller, Magdelyn Monahan, Mary Muehleisen, Alayna Perry

Associate Artistic Director & Director of New Play Development: Brent Hazelton
Associate Artistic Director: May Adrales
Casting Director and Director of Emerging Professional Residency: Frank Honts 
Literary Associate: Deanie Vallone
Artistic Administrator: Dylan K. Sladky 
(Please contact Artistic Administrator, Dylan K. Sladkywith all artistic inquiries) 

Associate Artists
May Adrales (Director), Ayad Akhtar (Playwright), Jonathan Gillard Daly (Actor), Lee E. Ernst (Actor), Laura Gordon (Actor/ Director), Angela Iannone (Actor), Todd Edward Ivins, (Scenic and Costume Designer), Dan Kazemi (Composer/Musician), Marc Kudisch (Actor), Reese Madigan (Actor), Jeff Nellis (Lighting Designer), James Pickering (Actor), Aaron Posner (Director), Todd Rosenthal (Scenic Designer), Eric Simonson (Director/Playwright), Lindsay Smiling (Actor), Deborah Staples (Actor), Nathaniel Stampley (Actor), John Tanner (Composer/Musician) 

Director of Community Engagement: Cortney McEniry
Community Engagement Associate: Nabra Nelson 

Chief Development Officer: Chuck Rozewicz
Director of Development: Amy Dorman
Major Gifts Officer: Laura Fish
Associate Director of Development, Institutional Giving: Meghan Roesner
Associate Director of Development, Events & Stewardship: Shannon Theiss
Development Database Manager: Katie Krueger 

Education Director: Jenny Toutant
Education Administrator: Auburn Maston
Lead Teaching Artists: Joshua Krause, Lindsey Hoel-Neds, Joshua Pohja
Teaching Artists: Alea McHatten, Noah Silverstein, Maura Atwood, JJ Gatesman, Thomas Adisi, Leda Hoffmann, Danielle Levings, Amanda Garrigan, Grace Hern, Tosha Freeman, Ami Majeski, Katie Loughmiller, Katherine Hauger, Kayla Tillisch, Kyle Norris, Jordyn Stewart, Mattison Voell, Audra Handschcke, Colleen Schulz, Becca Marten, Dylan Baxter

Chief Financial Officer: Leslie Fillingham 
Senior Accountant: Derrik Dickinson
Accounting Associate: James Kaplan
Accounting Assistant: Mattie Voorheis 

Chief Building Engineer: Mark A. Uhrman
Engineers: Todd Ross, Rob Lininger
Part-Time Engineers: Jack Guy, Riley Padron 

Chief Marketing Officer: Lisa Fulton
Director of Marketing: Cara McMullin
Marketing & PR Coordinator: Brianna Cullen
Graphic Designers: Eric Reda, Benton Melbourne, Jeff Meyer
Photographer: Michael Brosilow

Sales & Audience Services
Director of Sales: Jeremy Scott
Group Sales Manager: Jess Shake
Subscriptions Coordinator: Jaime Lacy
Audience Services Manager: Rachel Richter
Assistant Audience Services Manager: Joni Pierce
Audience Services Representatives: Colette Brown, Zachary Dean Lachowicz, Madelyn Gellings, Colleen Hayes, Beatrice Kuenn, Katie Loughmiller, Johnell Major-Wesley, Olivia Mauseth, Rebekah Mitton, Lillian Schley, Sarah Shepherd, Emily Strohmenger, Abigail Stein, Brittany Vinz

Digital Content & Media Relations
Director of Media Relations: Frances White
Digital Content Manager: Austin Bean

House Operations
Front of House Operations Manager: Joshua Handrich
Senior House Manager: Jamie Ziolkowski
House Managers: Brennan Martinez, Aaron Suggs
Concierge/Gift Shop Associates: Becky Demler, Russel Davidson, Shaylyn Rice, Sebastian Torn, Maranda Morton-Weston

Production Manager: Jared Clarkin
Assistant Production Manager: Kaitlyn Anderson
Production Associate: Claire Haupt

Costume Director: Jennifer Vinent
Assistant Costume Director: Amy Horst
Costume Shop Assistant/ Rentals Coordinator: Madeline Corson
Senior Draper: Alexander B. Tecoma
Tailor: Jef Ouwens
First Hand: Katharine Engelman, Jessica H. Jaeger, Leslie Vaglica
Costume Crafts Artisan: Haley Jaeger 
Costume Construction Resident: Birdie Plank
Stitcher: Carol Ross
Wig Master & Makeup Supervisor: Lara  Leigh Dalbey
Stylist: Kevin McElroy, Robert Laurence Studio
Wardrobe Supervisor: Robert T. Sharon
Wardrobe Resident: Brittany Staudacher

Lighting & Sound
Lighting and Video Director: Aaron Lichamer 
Assistant Lighting Design Resident: Rael Lynn Crocker
Sound Director: Erin Paige 

Properties Director: James Guy
Props Crafts Artisan: Jenn Higgins, Linda Di Bernardo
Soft Props Artisan: Margaret Hasek-Guy
Props Carpenter/Artisan: Erik Lindquist
Prop Graphics Artist: Mindy Knoll

Interim Technical Director: John Houtler-McCoy
Asst. Technical Director: Danny Halminiak
Charge Scenic Artist: Jim Medved
Lead Scenic Artist: Shannon Mann 
TD Apprentice: Shelby Madey
Assistant Stagehand: Jonathan Dean
Painter: Chrissy Piontek 

Stage Management 
Production Stage Manager: Kimberly Carolus
Stage Managers: Sarah Deming-Henes, Richelle Harrington Calin, Rebekah Heusel, Sarah Hoffmann, Rebecca Lindsey, Jacqueline Singleton, Carrie Taylor, Audra Kuchling  
Stage Management Fellow: Kyle Winkelmann
Stage Management Residents: Melνa Gonzalez, Kira Neighbors

Resident Stagehands & Carpenters
Bill Burgardt, Steve Gillingham, Rick Grilli, Aaron Siegmann, Robert Schultz, Andrew Sours, Jim Zinky

Stackner and Concessions Manager: Claire Rydzik
Chef: Clifford Hull
Cabaret Staff: Michael Anderson, Adam Beadel, Michael Beyer, Tiffany Blackburn, Kathleen Borchardt, Darian Emerson, Paula Gasparre, Caitlin Hagness, Tanya Haynes, Kelly Heimann, Mariel Hildebrand, Vinnie Ingrilli, Ben Jakus, Cassandra Johnson, Meghan Johnson, Emmett Krebs, Angela Livermore, Sara Longley, Kate Miller, James Muehleisen, Mary Muehleisen, Olivia Passow, Jim Passow, Dan Persch, Andrew Post, Logan Schoritz, Rachel Stenman, Noah Sugarman, Jeanne Suminski, Kyla Tully, Charles Wallace, Sheldon Walker, Odell White, Jamie Ziolkowski