The Tasters

September 28 — November 7, 2021
Stiemke Studio

Executive Producers
Croen Foundation, Inc

The Stiemke Studio Season is presented by Four-Four Foundation

A John (Jack) D. Lewis New Play Development Program Production

A Gastronomical Co-World Premiere about Revolution 

Three women have a very important job - to protect high-ranking government leaders from assassination attempts by serving as food tasters. When one rebellious taster goes on a hunger strike, her actions reverberate through the group, causing them to question what they believe in and where their loyalties lie. Equal parts Hunger Games, The Handmaid’s Tale and Food Network, this darkly funny new play asks the question: when one must choose between their ideas, personal safety and the wellbeing of those close to them – what do they do? A play for the foodie and revolutionary in all of us.