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Can I send you my play? What are your submission guidelines?
Please see our Submission Guidelines here.

Can I submit to Rep Lab?
We are not currently accepting short play submissions for Rep Lab.

Can you workshop or host a reading of my play?
Please see Commissioning Developmental Guidelines here.

Will you come out to see a reading/production of my play?
Please do reach out and invite us to your readings and productions.  We are always pleased to hear about upcoming projects, particularly those that fit our mission. Occasionally, one of our team will be able to attend a reading or performance of a new play either locally, Chicago or New York. If you’d like to invite us, please email Deanie Vallone, Literary Manager, at dvallone@milwaukeerep.com with pertinent details. An invitation does not guarantee our attendance or signify commitment to further relationship.

Does the New Play Development program offer an internship?
Starting in the 2020/21 Season, we will be offering a Literary Residency available as part of our Emerging Professional Residency Program. For more information on the position and how to apply, please go here.

I’m an expert on the subject matter in a play you’re currently producing. Can I get involved?
Occasionally, our literary team will collaborate with local experts to help provide more specified resources intended to enhance our team’s understanding of the world of the play. Generally, these are sought out by our team on a case-by-case basis based on the needs of the individual production. We do not hire people outside of Milwaukee Rep to lead Rep-in-Depth or TalkBacks. 

If you are an expert on the subject matter in the play and are interested in being part of a panel, please contact Jenny Toutant, Chief Education & Engagement Officer, at jtoutant@milwaukeerep. If you are interested in providing dramaturgical support on a production, please contact Deanie Vallone, Literary Manager, at dvallone@milwaukeerep.com.