By Larry Shue
November 15-December 18, 2016 – Quadracci Powerhouse

When Froggy brings his friend Charlie to a fishing lodge, Charlie is feeling a bit unsociable. Hoping to help his friend, Froggy has the perfect solution—just tell everyone Charlie doesn’t speak English! But things start to go awry when Charlie suddenly finds himself privy to everyone’s secrets, including a plot to take over the lodge. Charlie must “learn” English quickly and think on his feet if he wants to save the lodge and his new friends. Originally written for The Rep, The Foreigner returns for the first time in over a decade after playing to millions worldwide, and becoming one of the most celebrated comedies of all time. Learn More

Student Performances 
• Student Matinee: December 1 at 10:30am  
• Other Matinees: November 30 and December 7 at 1:30pm

Age Recommendation: 8 and up
Content Advisory: Some adult themes and profanity.
Topics: Self-Awareness, Comedy/Farce, Bigotry

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Jaime LacySubscriptions Coordinator or 414-290-7076.

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Amanda GarriganEducation Programs Manager or 414-290-5393