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Stackner Cabaret
September 6 - November 3, 2019
A Comedic Classical Music Duel
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Quadracci Powerhouse
September 17 - October 27, 2019
The Iconic American Musical
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Stiemke Studio
September 25 -November 3, 2019
Who Tells the Story of America?
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Pabst Theater
November 26 – December 24, 2018
Milwaukee's Holiday Tradition!
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Milwaukee Rep Former Emerging Professional Residents

For over 50 years Milwaukee Rep has supported one of regional theater’s most highly respected programs for emerging professionals. Previously participants were called artistic interns but the name of the program was changed to Emerging Professional Residents (EPR’s) during the 2015/16 Season to better recognize the importance of the program and the participation of the members in the artistic life of Milwaukee Rep. Below are the most recent EPR classes.

2018/19 Season
Sadé Ayodele (Acting Resident)
Amaris Bates (Company Management Resident)
Josiah Bender (Production Electrician Resident)
Sam Bravo (Acting Resident)
Kristen Carter (Education Resident)
Annalise Caudle (Assistant Lighting Design Resident)
Blake Dava (Acting Resident)
Jose Galvan (Directing Resident)
Josh Hart (Stage Management Resident)
Sara Hilton (Stage Management Resident)
Justin Jones (Acting Resident)
Ismael Lara (Jr. (Directing Resident)
Victoria Lowell (Wardrobe Resident)
Jessica Ma (Acting Resident)
Kira Neighbors (Stage Management Fellow)
Nima Rakhshanifar (Acting Resident)
Isabella Reeder (Acting Resident)
Hannah Shay (Acting Resident)
Amelia Strahan (Costume Construction Resident)
Michael J. Wu (Acting Resident)

2017/18 Season
Annelyse Ahmad (Acting)
Anthony Baldasare (Acting)
Brade Bradshaw (Acting)
Rae Lynn Crocker (Fall Production Electrician Resident/Spring Assistant Lighting Design Resident)
Simon Evans (Directing)
Kimberly Giddens (Acting)
Melía Gonzalez (Stage Management Resident)
Trachel Yvette Green (Acting)
Erin Logan (Acting)
Alex Morales (Acting)
Sophiyaa Nayar (Directing)
Kira Neighbors (Stage Management Resident)
Birdie Plank (Costume Construction Resident)
Shaylyn Rice (Company Management Resident)
Kelsey Rodriguez (Acting)
Abbey Pitchford Sours (Education Resident)
Brittany Staudacher (Wardrobe Resident)
Daniel Stock (Acting)
Erin Thibodaux (Fall Assistant Lighting Design Resident)
Kyle Winkelmann (Stage Management Fellow)

2016/17 Season
Marina Bergenstock (Directing)
Jesse Bhamrah (Acting)
Darrington Clark (Acting)
Christie Coran (Acting)
Gia Erichson (Acting)
Matt Frye (Acting)
Lauren Sagendorph (Education Resident)
Olivia Kraus (Production - Wardrobe)
Tanner Medding (Acting)
Victoria Morales (Production - Stage Management)
Shane O’Neil (Production - Assistant Lighting Design)
Ellen Reid (Production - Spring Production Electrician)
Emily Strohmenger (Production- Costume Construction)
Kat Moser (Acting)
Candace Thomas (Acting)
Daniella Wheelock (Directing)
Kyle Winkelmann (Production - Stage Management)
Art Zarko (Production - Fall Production Electrician)

2015/16 Season
Bridgid Abrams (Acting)
Danielle Davis (Lighting)
Jared Davis (Acting)
Raven Monique Dockery (Acting)
Amanda Garrigan (Education)
Martin Hanna (Acting)
Di'Monte Henning (Acting)
Ryan Holihan (Directing)
Rebecca Kelly (Stage Management)
Audra Kuchling (Stage Management)
Arielle Leverett (Acting)
Aaron Lichamer (Lighting)
Christian Magby (Acting)
Miriam Michaels (Stage Management)
Nabrashaa Nelson (Directing)
Riley O’Toole (Acting) 
Hallie Peterson (Acting)
Jane Reichard (Costumes)
Kammeran Tyree (Acting)
Adina Wells (Costumes)

2014/15 Season
Andrew Carlyle (Acting)
Kimberly Carolus (Stage Management)
Bridgid Danahy (Costumes)
Katherine Duffy (Acting)
Marguerite Frey (Stage Management)
Hannah Greene (Directing)
India Gurley (Acting) 
Taurean Hogan (Acting)
Audra Kuchling (Stage Management)
Jennifer Latimore (Acting)
Josiah Laubenstein (Acting)
Andrew Lehmkuhl (Lighting)
Kelly Lipsey (Lighting)
Kristina Loy (Acting)
Philip Muehe (Directing)
Nick Narcisi (Acting)
Chris O’Reilly (Acting)
Leeanna Rubin (Acting)
Deanie Vallone (Education)
Vallea E. Woodbury (Acting)

2013/14 Season
Joe Boersma (Acting)
Patrick Budde (Acting)
Kimberly Carolus (Stage Management)
Anna Cline (Acting)
Kyle Curry (Acting)
Kamille Dawkins (Acting)
Elyse Edelman (Acting)
Armand Fields (Acting)
Kylie Hoey (Lighting)
Frank Honts (Directing)
Nickclette Izuegbu (Acting)
Haley Jaeger (Costumes)
Ron King (Acting)
Kaitlin Kitzmiller (Stage Management)
Rachel Lantow (Stage Management)
Martel Manning (Acting)
Emily Penick (Directing)
Hope Reed-Johnson (Education)
Aaron Siegmann (Lighting)
Chris Vizurraga (Acting)
Sara Zientek (Acting) 

2012/13 Season
Jonathan Altman (Acting)
Lenny Banovez (Directing)
Emily Berman (Acting)
Jeremy Dominik (Lighting)
Maggie Ellsworth (Directing)
Lisa Griebel (Properties)
Kayla Howell (Lighting)
Hayley Jaeger (Costumes)
Lamar Jefferson (Acting)
Kaitlin Kitzmiller (Stage Management)
Toni Linn Martin (Acting)
Jessi Noel (Acting)
Tyrone Marcus Phillips (Acting)
Jess Prichard (Acting)
Jamie Rezanour (Acting)
Marissa Robinson (Stage Management)
Lindsey Schmelzer (Education)
Jason Simpson (Stage Management)
Teddy Spencer (Acting)
Bri Sudia (Acting)
Trequon Tate (Acting)
Mercedes White (Acting)
J.R Yancher (Acting)