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Stackner Cabaret
September 6 - November 3, 2019
A Comedic Classical Music Duel
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Quadracci Powerhouse
September 17 - October 27, 2019
The Iconic American Musical
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Stiemke Studio
September 25 -November 3, 2019
Who Tells the Story of America?
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Pabst Theater
November 26 – December 24, 2018
Milwaukee's Holiday Tradition!
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In-School Residencies

"Students actively engaged in analyzing a play. They learned about characterization, plot development, making inferences, identifying themes, and citing evidence. The students wrote from different characters' points of view enabling them to deepened their understanding of the narrative."
– Classroom Teacher

Reading Residencies

Improving literacy through theater
This in-school residency enhances reading and theater skills through interactive lessons. Teaching Artists guide students in transforming the class into an artistic ensemble where students safely explore performance and improvisational activities. Students strengthen key reading comprehension strategies such as text evidence, inference, summarization and prediction through on-their-feet interaction with the text. This program integrates text analysis with theatrical performances to foster an emotional connection and purposeful, enduring understanding of the story. Reading Residency curriculum is created specifically for each production and is designed to meet Wisconsin Common Core State Standards for reading. Over the last five years, the program has consistently yielded positive results in improving reading comprehension skills.

Middle School Reading Residencies

Middle School Track
During the Middle School Reading Residency a Teaching Artist visits each participating classroom 20 times teaching reading comprehension based on a specific production from our season. The middle school residency focuses on exploring a variety of exercises and activities to examine the characters, plot structure and themes.

High School Reading Residencies

High School Track
The High School Reading Residency is a modified version of the Middle School track, consisting of 10 visits by a Teaching Artist teaching reading comprehension based on a specific production from our season. The high school residency also explores performance based activities but focuses more closely on project-based learning. Students learn to analyze and research a play as a theater artist, interpreting the story and creating a specific design element, such as imagining a set design, costume design, etc.


"My favorite parts are: 1. Having us reading the script then playing it in front of the class. 2. Doing the warm ups. 3. Going to the Milwaukee Rep Theater to see the play. 4. And having y’all coming to our school."
– Reading Residency Student

School Subscription Program

For Milwaukee High School Teachers & Students
The Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s School Subscription program complements four productions at The Rep with actor-led pre and post show workshops in the classroom and a backstage tour. These workshops deepen students’ understanding of the social/historical context and themes of the play through performance based activities and exercises. For two of the productions students learn to examine the elements of theater with a critical eye, documenting their thoughts on the experience in a written review of the production. These interactive workshops foster a deeper appreciation for the arts as well as engage students in a more active, thoughtful experience of the play.


Build Your Own Reading Residency

Build Your Own

Is there something you have in mind that you can’t find on the website? The Rep’s Education Department has a wide range of talented Teaching Artists who specialize in different areas. We can be a resource to you! We will work with you to co-design a program that integrates the arts into your curriculum and best meets the needs of your students.

Contact Jenny Toutant, Education Director, at to discuss hosting a residency in your classroom. If you are interested in a Reading Residency or School Subscription for your classroom, complete the School Partner Application.

Milwaukee Rep Reading Residencies