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Stackner Cabaret

January 20 – March 19

Celebrate A Local Legend!

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Quadracci Powerhouse

March 7 – April 9, 2017

Great American Classic

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Stiemke Studio

February 22 – April 2, 2017

A New Play
For Our Times

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Stackner Cabaret

March 24 – May 28, 2017

One of the Greatest Comedians

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Community Conversations

Community Conversations


Through Disgraced, Milwaukee Rep will discuss the complexities of navigating identity – the factors and decisions that define who you are, the pressures that make you question who you are, and the forces that change who you are. Join us in a city-wide conversation with discussion-based programming after EVERY performance of Disgraced.

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“What’s always moved me most about the theater is its capacity to build community. It’s a communal experience. By definition. In an age of virtuality, it requires presence. The presence of performers, of an audience. At its best, theater creates a sense of shared experience in a way no other art form can and sparks a conversation in a way no other art form can”.
– Ayad Akhtar,
Disgraced playwright

What are Community Conversations?

An integral part of our productions is the active participation of the larger community in the life of the production; an extension of conversation about the play’s themes beyond the production itself. 

Community conversations following select performances deepen the audience’s engagement with the themes, topics, and ideas of Rep productions to create meaningful dialogue that leads to positive change.

Sponsored by:
Cream City Foundation Will Radler Fund




“These strangers-turned-neighbors became the people I could now pray for; they now had a face and name; you started the process of our commonality. In my 25-plus years of attending the Rep, this had the most impact. Thank you to ALL those involved.”

“We don’t often get to meet others who are different from us, but are willing to be vulnerable.”

“We had a wonderful diverse group who shared experiences, not just opinions.” 

“These discussions allow for discourse between demographics that would not otherwise happen.”


American Song  Act II