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Stackner Cabaret
September 6 - November 3, 2019
A Comedic Classical Music Duel
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Quadracci Powerhouse
September 17 - October 27, 2019
The Iconic American Musical
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Stiemke Studio
September 25 -November 3, 2019
Who Tells the Story of America?
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Pabst Theater
November 26 – December 24, 2018
Milwaukee's Holiday Tradition!
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Community Engagement
Community Conversations / Professional Training Institute / Enrichment Events / Community Partners / Mpact Council


Mpact is Milwaukee Rep’s initiative to create positive change in the Milwaukee community.

In a world that is increasingly complex, diverse, and in serious need of empathy, Milwaukee Rep demonstrates how a theater can create bridges between disparate communities, bring us together in the examination of varying worldviews, and discover creative ways in which programming can address community needs and maximize our collective opportunities. 

Theater asks us to listen to different sides of a conversation or argument, to empathize with people different from ourselves, and to do so under one roof, in the presence of other members of our community. It is why civilizations for thousands of years have come together to perform stories. Stories ask us to question the idea of who we are and allow us to imagine who we can be.

Milwaukee Rep’s Mpact programs tackle three specific focus areas:

Strengthening and Celebrating Milwaukee
Celebrate positivity.
Bring people together.
Unite disparate groups.
Create a Positive Narrative.

Diversity & Inclusion
Develop and audience
reflective of Milwaukee.
Bring the whole city
together in conversation.

Literacy and Social-Emotional Learning
Teach the skills for
Milwaukee to succeed.