Milwaukee Repertory Theater Casting Information

Milwaukee Repertory Theater operates its Quadracci Powerhouse, Stiemke Studio, and Stackner Cabaret under LORT (League of Resident Theatres) B and D contracts with Actors’ Equity Association, the union for professional actors and stage managers. All auditions for specific productions are scheduled by appointment only.

Equity Auditions are held each spring in Chicago and Milwaukee after our season is announced. Once the Chicago audition dates are announced, actors can either make an appointment in person at the Equity office or call the Chicago Equity audition hotline. Please take note that Milwaukee Rep does not schedule appointments; all appointments are scheduled though the Equity office. Local Equity auditions are scheduled through Milwaukee Rep’s Artistic Department.

Non-Union Auditions are held annually as part of the Non-Union Milwaukee General Auditions. From time to time, in accord with the guidelines of Actors Equity and the League of Resident Theatres, Milwaukee Rep is able to hire non-union talent. Please note that the priority in casting non-union roles is generally with Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Artistic Intern Company because of the tremendous contribution of time and effort they give throughout an entire season. (Please note: The Non-Union Milwaukee General Auditions, while hosted by Milwaukee Rep, are a separate entity. Please contact Michael Kroeker, Artistic Associate, at with any questions.)

Milwaukee Repertory Theater is committed to non-traditional casting and encourages actors of all backgrounds to audition.

Auditions for young performers are held when Milwaukee Repertory Theater has the need to cast young performers in a specific production. All auditions for young performers will be held on a per show basis. Please check this page, along with our Facebook page for audition announcements. Please no phone calls.

How to submit: Electronic submissions must be formatted correctly in order to be considered. Both your résumé and picture should be either in a Word or a PDF format as one attachment and your name must appear on your picture. Please note your current city of residence in your email. Requests should be sent to

Please, no phone calls to the theater.

Available Roles

Available roles for our 2015/2016 productions:


Directed by Mark Clements

DEENA JONES – African American woman, (20s-30s). The young, thin, beautiful member of the dreams. Happy singing backup to Effie until Curtis puts her in the lead and grooms her as star of the group. Mezzo, big full belt. Must move very well.

LORRELL ROBINSON – African American woman, (20s-30s). The third member of The Dreams. Sexy, flirtatious girl from the projects of Detroit who has been singing with her best friends Effie and Deena for years. Carries on an affair with Jimmy Early, who refuses to leave his wife for her. Soprano, on top of most triad harmony, big full belt. Must move very well.

CURTIS TAYLOR, JR. – African American man, (30-40). Handsome, and very sexy. Slick car salesman who becomes the Dreams’ manager. Has a appreciation of R&B music and a sense of what it sells. Motivated by dreams, he takes over the management of Jimmy Early’s career and also oversees the rise to stardom of The Dreams. Initially warm and approachable he becomes hardened by wealth and power and the need to control everything and everyone. Baritone. Must move well.

JAMES “THUNDER” EARLY – African American man, (30-40). James Brown-like R&B star. Charismatic, sexy, high energy. Rock and R&B tenor. Has an affair with Lorrell but refuses to leave his wife. Must move very well.

C.C. WHITE – African American man, (20-30). Effie’s brother; writes all The Dreams’ hit songs. Endearing and earnest, he tries to do what’s best but slowly gives up his ideals to Curtis’ controlling vision. High baritone. Must move well.

MICHELE MORRIS – African American woman (20s-30s). Effie’s replacement in the dreams. Thin and beautiful, she sings bottom in the harmonies. Mezzo soprano, big belt. Must move well.

MARTY – African American man (30-45), street savvy, long-time manager who oversaw Jimmy’s career and rise to R&B stardom. Represents an earlier age of Black entertainment. At odds with Curtis and his ideas and schemes. Later oversees Effie’s comeback. Baritone.

ENSEMBLE: African American men and women (20s-40s). Strong singers and dancers with an ability to play multiple parts. The roles of WAYNE, FRANK, TINY JOE, and LITTLE ALBERT will be cast from the ensemble.


The Mousetrap

GILES RALSTON (30's) Husband of Mollie who runs Monkswell Manor with his wife. Loves Mollie very much, and is excited about his new business venture, but is pragmatic about the fact that they are amateurs in the hotel business.

CHRISTOPHER WREN (mid 20's- 30's) The first guest to arrive at the hotel, Wren is a hyperactive young man who acts in a very peculiar and eccentric manner. He admits he is running away from something, but refuses to say what. Wren claims to have been named after the architect of the same name by his parents.

MR. PARAVICINI (50s-70s) A man of unknown origin, who turns up claiming his car has overturned in a snowdrift. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent, and sports a flamboyant moustache. A strange man who enjoys being the center of attention and playing jokes on others for his amusement.

DETECTIVE SERGEANT TROTTER (mid 20's- 30's) A policeman who arrives in a snow storm, saying he has come to protect the guests from the murderer. While appearing young, he does take his job quite seriously.


Of Mice and Men

Directed by Mark Clements

GEORGE (30s) Male, a migrant work, on the smaller side, quick-witted and smart. George cares for and protects Lennie.  They both dream of a better life on a farm of their own.

SLIM (40s) Male, tall and slim, attractive, a natural leader and hard worker, quiet and pensive. All of the men look up to him. 

CURLY (20s-30s) male, short and small but makes up for it by being aggressive, angry, and jealous. He is the son of the Boss and is recently married. He likes to pick fights. 


The Devil’s Music 

Directed by JC Clementz

PICKLE (30s-50s) African American man, exceptional piano player, Bessie Smith’s band leader, very observant, a showman. 


The Invisible Hand 

NICK BRIGHT  (30s-40s) Male, Smart and adaptive. An investment banker with extensive consulting experience. A family man, but not in the least sentimental.

DAR (20s) Male, Rural Pakistani, open-hearted, trusting, pliable. Speaks English with a thick accent.

BASHIR (20-30) Male, South Asian, London- born. Smart, mercurial, quick to love and anger. Still a lovable naivete about him despite capacity for real menace.

IMAN SALEEM (40s-50s) Male, Pakistani-born. Very educated. A magnetic leader with charisma to burn. An extraordinary storyteller. Commands Bashir and Dar.


Sirens of Song

Written and Directed by Kevin Ramsey

SIREN 1 (Soprano), SIREN 2 (Mezzo), SIREN 3 (Alto) Three extraordinary female vocalists, (30-55) who voices can sing a wide-range of styles (i.e. Blues, Classical, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Country) very well. Must have great ears for harmony and blend. Must be strong story-tellers. Must be able to handle spoken text extremely well. Not required but the ability to play an instrument could be useful.

Please note that Sirens of Song is a new play and the cast breakdown may change.